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XC-RF861 UHF RFID Development Kit

The XC-RF861 development kit includes one Invengo XC-RF861 UHF RFID 4 port fixed reader and two Invengo XC-AF12 circular polarized antennas making it suitable for applications in asset tracking, inventory management, transportation, logistics, and track and trace. It is available in both FCC and ETSI versions.
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  • XC-RF861 - 4 Port Fixed Reader Unit
  • 2 Invengo XC-AF12 Circular Polarized Antenna Units
  • Universal Power Supply 110-240v
  • Standard Power Cord
  • Antenna Cables
  • Package of Sample RFID Tags
  • Invengo RFID Demo Software
  • Invengo ConneXion Application
  • One Year Factory Warranty